The Need to Register Users

My most recent web log, Person versus Automobile, welcomes guest contributors. As a result, readers needed a registration link. Under Settings > General, I found the checkbox that made the “Register” link appear under the meta data on my site.

By default users would become subscribers, which role allows them to make WordPress comments and nothing more. At that point, they must request that I change their role to contributor or something similar. (I love the built-in roles in WordPress.)

Spam Registrations

Accordingly, I added the necessary “Register” link, so that users could eventually become contributors.

And so it was that the day after I published the site, notifications of about 10 new registrants appeared in my email. None of the names were familiar and, more suspiciously, none of the domain names were. Obviously some bots had found my site and had begun to register for some reason. Just as obviously, I needed some kind of Captcha mechanism to block the bots. Many WP plugins exist for this purpose. I chose what seemed the simplest, “Cartpauj Register Captcha.”

After installing it, I’ve received no more inhuman registrants.

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